Thursday, July 15, 2010

Paradise on Earth

When someone asks me about my favorite beach destination, the first name that comes to my mind, time and again, is Maldives.  This paradise on earth stays in my memory, more than 10 years after our first visit, for its crystal clear water and white sandy beaches.  I no longer remember where those old photos are today, but memory of Maldives remains well within me.

In May, my wife and I return to Maldives again to take a short break.  This time the M9 travels with me along with the 24 Elmarit, the 35 'Lux, and my handy D-Lux 4.  We choose to stay at the very southern area of the atoll where it had just been opened by the Maldivian government to build resorts.  This means that the archipelago and nearby marine lives are largely unspoiled.  I believe you'll agree based on these pictures!

"Maldivian Sunset" - M9 + 35 'Lux

Mrs. loves everything about Maldives! - M9 + 35 'Lux

The Chef who made us a spicy curry. - M9 + 35 'Lux

Our short trip to a nearby uninhibited island. - M9 + 24 Elmarit

Crystal clear water and soft sandy beach on this uninhibited island. - M9 + 24 Elmarit

Here's why I love 24mm lens so much.  It enables one to compose a dynamic scene like this!

Nature, as is.  - M9 + 24 Elmarit

This is one of my favorites!  - M9 + 24 Elmarit

The D-Lux 4 also sports a 24mm lens and does a great job.  (Shot as JPG.)

More fun composing with 24mm. - M9 + 24 Elmarit

Putting the Elmarit through some low light challenges. - M9 + 24 Elmarit @ ISO 1250

No tripod, but I set the camera on the gaurd rail for this full moon shot. - M9 + 24 Elmarit

I never thought the 24mm would make a good portrait lens but it does. - M9 + 24 Elmarit

Not a proper Leica but the Panasonic Lumix FT-2 uses a Leica optic.
This fun little camera can go 10m underwater and is shock-proof!

Pristine marine lives right in front of our villa.  - D-Lux 4 JPG

Snorkeling with the FT-2.  This is where the reef drops off into the deep end.

This fella is quite cute. - Panasonic FT-2

Plenty of fish around, but my underwater photography skills is virtually non-existence! 

I had never seen water so clear like this before.  - Panasonic FT-2

Chillin' out on the beach and catching some waves.  - Panasonic FT-2

So long, Maldives.  We shall return! - Panasonic FT-2

I hope you like the photos.  If you haven't been to Maldives, I highly recommend you go there!

Have a good weekend,



  1. That certainly does look like paradise. Fantastic photos as well. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Mark, thank you for your comment. It really is beautiful since the entire region had just opened up for visitors a little less than a year ago. I'm not sure if the islands around Malé are still in this condition. Half way into our trip, we'd already decided that we'd come back!

  3. That's a really lovely place! And also, nice photo too!