Sunday, October 17, 2010

Back to Germany

I still cannot believe this could happen.  No, I did not send the M9 back to Germany.  The M9 is still working fine and I had a great time shooting with it in Germany during my short visit last weekend!

A short stay in Germany is part of the plan as my business trip takes me across 10 timezones. Crossing 4-5 timezones at a time (and adjusting) is my preferred choice.  As a car fanatic, I don't take long to figure out where to go in Germany.  Stuttgart is the natural choice.  On this trip, I have the 24 Summilux and the 50 Summicron with me so that I have a good range from just two lens.  It isn't easy to shoot cars with the M9 and prime lens but I do like quite a few shots from this visit.  Here are some photos from the Porsche and Mercedes - Benz Museums in Stuttgart.  Enjoy.

 Where It All Started - M9 + 50 Summicron

 Roadster Dream - M9 + 50 Summicron

 Speedster Dream - M9 + 50 Summicron

 Racing Heritage - M9 + 50 Summicron

 Passage At the MB Museum - M9 + 24 Summilux

 Silver Arrows - M9 + 24 Summilux

 Pathway at the Stuttgart TV Tower - M9 + 24 Summilux

 GT3 Eye Candies - M9 + 50 Summicron

 Downtown Stuttgart by Night - Leica D-Lux 4

Have a good week,


Friday, October 8, 2010

Deja Vu

As I'm packing for my long trip and taking a break, I stumble upon this site, canonrumors.  The M9 really has a tremendous effect on the way we photograph.  It's exactly what happened to me about 10 months ago.

The Leica M9 Reivew -

Time to pack the M9.  See you soon.


Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Problem with Leica...

These last few weeks have been exceptionally hectic.  I barely had time to shoot and to update the blog, and this may be the case for another several weeks.  

Anyway, on with the update.  The problem with Leica, you may be a little worried seeing the title.  Worry you should be as there's obviously a major problem with Leica.  Their M lens are too darn good and too different you can't have just one!  Few weeks ago I finally collected the long-awaited 24 Summilux, thanks to a few good friends who sourced it for me in Hong Kong.  While the 24 Elmarit is a great lens, I always like the 24 Summilux and its ability to throw the background out of focus at such a wide angle.  Well, I haven't had much time to shoot with it, but I will share a few quick shots with you.

Crying Baby - Here you can see how much the 24 Summilux can isolate the subject at f2.0. (This is something the 24 Elmarit cannot do with the f2.8 aperture.)

True to Leica's tradition, the 24 Summilux still offers great sharpness.

Also below are a few more photos taken with a recently acquired 50 Summicron.  I really need to spend more time shooting this wonderful lens.  My M-lens collection has grown too big, too quickly!  Time to make a few hard decisions and let some of them go!

50 Summicron, cropped.  Note the smooth bokeh.  I will try to compare it with the Zeiss Planar soon.

A few more from the 50 Summicron.

Soon I will be on a long business trip.  I'm still not sure if I can update the blog during the trip but definitely when I return.  The M9 surely will come long.  The problem is which lenses!

Have a good week!