Sunday, October 17, 2010

Back to Germany

I still cannot believe this could happen.  No, I did not send the M9 back to Germany.  The M9 is still working fine and I had a great time shooting with it in Germany during my short visit last weekend!

A short stay in Germany is part of the plan as my business trip takes me across 10 timezones. Crossing 4-5 timezones at a time (and adjusting) is my preferred choice.  As a car fanatic, I don't take long to figure out where to go in Germany.  Stuttgart is the natural choice.  On this trip, I have the 24 Summilux and the 50 Summicron with me so that I have a good range from just two lens.  It isn't easy to shoot cars with the M9 and prime lens but I do like quite a few shots from this visit.  Here are some photos from the Porsche and Mercedes - Benz Museums in Stuttgart.  Enjoy.

 Where It All Started - M9 + 50 Summicron

 Roadster Dream - M9 + 50 Summicron

 Speedster Dream - M9 + 50 Summicron

 Racing Heritage - M9 + 50 Summicron

 Passage At the MB Museum - M9 + 24 Summilux

 Silver Arrows - M9 + 24 Summilux

 Pathway at the Stuttgart TV Tower - M9 + 24 Summilux

 GT3 Eye Candies - M9 + 50 Summicron

 Downtown Stuttgart by Night - Leica D-Lux 4

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