Friday, June 25, 2010

One Wedding and a Leica, Part II

Last week, I attended the wedding reception of the wedding in the series below.   I brought along my M9 with the 35 Summilux to keep it as light as possible while allowing for some low light shoot.  This time I shot the whole series in RAW without parallel JPGs.  They were later converted to black & white to match the rest of the pictures.  

Having seen and processed the pictures, I'm very satisfied with what the M9 has enabled me to shoot.  Its compactness and superiority for low light scenes are miles ahead of DSLR.  Sure there are a few blurred shots, but they still look great! IMHO.  The mood, the faces, and their expressions are unlike any other pictures I'd made with other cameras.  Maybe this is another Leica magic?

There are two more friend's weddings (at least) this year, and I'm already planning to bring the M9 along again.  Enjoy the photos, I shall let my pictures do the talking.  


Memorable moments.

Guys gang after the reception.

Happiest mothers of the night!

My friend and his daughter having a good time.

And the happiest couple...


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