Sunday, September 26, 2010

Precious Metal

When it comes to optics, glass plays the key role in rendering lights onto film or sensor.  Yesterday, I received a PM pointing to a great opportunity for a 50 Summicron, box & papers in tact.  I have not had much luck with finding one in the last several months.  As you may have read, I already bought a ZM Planar 50/2.0 as a substitute.  As great as the Zeiss is, this Summicron is a silver chrome version (made of brass), produced in 2001.  It just feels different than aluminum M lens.  For one, it's heavier.  It also turns fluidly and quickly.  After a few test shots, I couldn't resist and now I've got it!  I only had time to take few pictures with it, so here goes, in sepia tone:

The 50 Summicron, in mint condition.  It's amazing how fast these things get picked up.  As soon as I said yes, the seller received another phone call asking for this lens!

Soon I will have to decide which lens(es) to let go as I have too many! LOL.  

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